• Vegan indian style masala tea

    Amounts are for my 0,5l serving:
    basil - 1/2 of full teaspoon
    cinnamon - the best is piece of bark or we add big pinch of cinnamon powder
    cloves - 5-10 cloves
    green cardamon - 7 crushed pods
    ginger - few thin slices of fresh ginger root or 2 pinches od gignger powder
    black pepper - 7-12 whole seeds or pinch of pepper poder
    turmeric powder - 1/2 full teaspoon
    fennel seeds - bigger indian light green color variety - flat teaspoon
    sugar - 4 full teaspoons - dark brown cane sugar is best, in white sugar then I add big pinch of molasses
    1 tea bag or equivalent amount of black tea leafs
    coconut milk - fine dense emulsion/cream 80% of coconut content - 70-120g
    coconut oil - full teaspoon

    put spices and tea into water, cold or hot, heat it up covered on moderate fire and boil 1-2 minutes, then let it infuse for 10-15 minutes. Next add coconut milk, sugar, molasses, coconut oil.
    Best be served nery hot.
    Tea is optional for additional taste and color and brain activity stimulant
    Turmeric is my inention complementing black pepper - together they synargistically amplify their properties of strengthening imune system / anti-bad-microorganisms proerty.
    Fennel seeds - it is great taste enrichent secret passed to me by bne ganuine nepali coock
    As we are pro-vegan, we prefer plant based ingredients - coconut milk and oil instead of cow's milk and butter.

    Feel free to experiment with proportions.

    big size picture: