• Biochar start

    First batch of biochar successfully baked.
    I was baking it in round stainless steel box which is airtight enough to protect content of the the box from oxidation and enables outgassing.
    As raw material I have used pieces of dry wood.

    For baking I put box just above heat riser of my rocket based wood burning stove. Stream of gases there should reach temperature close to 1.000C

    Baked biochar indeed makes sounds when dropped on hard surface.

    I have pulverized most of biochar, mixed it with nutrients-rich organic compost and spread it over vegetable garden. Some of it I keep in the jar in the kitchen and eat it from time to time as body cleansing support agent.

    I have checked biochar electrical conductivity - it is very good. Extraordinary: thanks to its very low mass, while conducting electricity it warms up and cools immediately. I want to further research biochar proeprties related to electrical conductivity.